Welcome to Luce Line Lodge

The Luce Line Lodge, established in 2007, has become Watertown's gathering place for family and friends alike. It is located in a building that previously housed the Watertown Movie Theater, a bowling alley and an appliance store before being totally renovated and transformed into the present Luce Line Lodge.

The menu caters to its clientele of both young and old alike. For those who prefer a more casual dining experience, we have burgers, wraps, pizza and beer. If you are looking for a more fine dining experience to celebrate a special occasion, we also have a fine assortment of steaks, shrimp, prime rib and wine on our menu.

Popular nightly specials include 1/2 pound burgers on Monday nights, beef or chicken tacos on Tuesday nights, chicken wings on Wednesday nights, BBQ ribs on Thursday nights, and two chef's specials every Friday and Saturday night.

The Luce Line Lodge derived its name from the old Luce Line rail line that passed through town on its way from Minneapolis to Gluek. The old rail line has been transformed into a trail used by both bicyclists and snowmobilers. A walk through the restaurant reflects Watertown's history. The hand crafted bar shows all of the towns the old Luce Line traveled through, the walls have pictures of local history, and a historical neon light that used to light up downtown Watertown is located above the bar.

So if you are in the area please stop in and visit us at the Lodge.

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